Gemiyap is a leading ship and yacht supplier company based in Turkey. The prime objective of the company is to serve and cover the demands of maritime industry. Gemiyap specializes on SOLAS (Safety of life at) sea products such as pyrotechnic distress signals, emergency food rations and water supplies to be used for liferaft and lifeboat. The company also offers various materials for fire fighting products, ex-proof torches, Vickers sterntube leakage systems, marine anti-alarm modules and bridge deck equipments with charts and marine publications.

Furthermore, Gemiyap also functions on leisure market by supplying super yachts, sailing boats and other marine crafts with fender covers, teak furniture, lights, outwear clothes, kitchenware, bedware and marine design gift and interial decoration items and oil skimmin pets and personel location beacons and weather instruments.